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UNU research focuses on the challenges faced by the United Nations and its Member States. Our current research portfolio supports all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 to inspire global action to overcome the world’s biggest challenges.

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Project 20 Sep 2022

Supporting the functioning of food markets by facilitating timely access to market information

The project will leverage digital technologies to collect food and price data to monitor the actual cost of living of vulnerable groups in Mozambique.

Project 22 Sep 2022

Gendered implications of Artificial Intelligence on the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda in Southeast Asia

The project will examine uses of AI in relation to the Women, Peace and Security agenda, to investigate applications, gender risks, and solutions.

Project 03 Nov 2021

A socio-ecological and economic multiscale sustainability analysis of Urban and Periurban Agriculture and application of Nexus management options to reduce vulnerabilities

This project will investigate the benefits and trade-offs of urban and peri-urban agriculture development for socio-economic sustainability.

Project 24 Aug 2022

Environmental Assessment of Vertical Farming from a Resource Nexus Perspective

This project aims to provide holistic environmental assessment of vertical farming and investigate the economic feasibility of VF projects.

Project 17 Sep 2022

Scoping and recommendations related to gender language, and documenting good practice in engaging civil society

This project will contribute to WHO's work to address health inequities and strengthen the capacity of health experts in delivering on global health.

Project 19 Aug 2022

Vertical Farming for Urban Food Security: Social Acceptance and Policy Recommendations for Building Communities (VerFarming Social)

This project aims to explore the potential of vertical farming to revolutionise agriculture and provide a more resilient solution to food security.

Project 20 Mar 2022

Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (UPA) and Climate Change: Impacts, Mitigation, and Adaptation

This project aims to better understand the impacts of UPA, in order to develop adaptive measures to minimise trade-offs and optimise co-benefits.

Project 28 Jun 2022

RRR-Coast: Towards a green and inclusive post-pandemic recovery of the Blue Economy and coastal communities

This project aims to provide science-based guidance for post COVID recovery of coastal communities by investigating impact, response and resilience.

Project 06 Apr 2022

Quantification of water-gender interlinkages for greater inclusivity

This project will provide a numerical assessment of the status of women’s representation in the water sector in individual countries/regions globally

Project 18 Jun 2022

Youth and Women Green Entrepreneurship in Africa

This project will develop frameworks for improved involvement of African women and youth in innovation and entrepreneurship across five green sectors.