UNU Macau is hosting 'Empower Tech Macau' Workshop to promote digital inclusivity

The Workshop, aimed at addressing the gender digital divide, is organised in partnership with EQUALS-EU.

United Nations University Institute in Macau (UNU Macau), in partnership with EQUALS-EU, is organising “Empower Tech Macau in Collaboration with EQUALS-EU: Bridging Women’s Role in Digital Inclusivity" Workshop, on 24 November, 2023. 

The workshop is supported by Girls in Tech (Macao) Association, Youth Association of “The Women’s General Association of Macau”, and Macau Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility in Greater China (MICSRGC), and aims to promote digital inclusivity in Macau.  

In our digital age, where data-driven solutions and technological advancements play pivotal roles, Macau finds itself uniquely positioned to address the global gender digital divide, which this workshop seeks to address, drawing from EQUALS-EU's emphasis on evidence, rights, participation, and access. 

You can find the workshop details and registration link here



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