Training of Trainers to Enhance Digital Security and Cyber Resilience for Gender Equality Advocates

UNU Macau and UN Women partnership on enhancing digital security for gender equality advocates.

"Training of Trainers to Strengthen Digital Security and Cyber Resilience of Gender Equality and Women's Rights Advocates", organized by United University Institute in Macau (UNU Macau) and UN Women, was successfully launched in Bangkok on March 27-28.

Jaimee Stuart, team lead at the United Nations University Institute in Macau, emphasized the collaboration with UN Women Asia and the Pacific, underscoring the vital role of digital empowerment in fostering safe online environments.

Utilising the knowledge and experiences of women and girls and building digital skills and capacities is fundamental to creating safe online spaces for everyone. We cannot make effective progress towards gender equality without digital empowerment.

                     Dr. Jaimee Stuart


Norul Mohamed Rashid, UN Women Policy Advisor on Governance, Peace, and Security for Asia and the Pacific, highlighting the progress in leveraging technology for inclusivity and peace.

Through our partnership with UN University Macau, we have advanced from a stage where little was known about the intersection between gender, peace and digital security to cutting edge research, knowledge products and practical training tools which will be rolled-out across the region. If women are not leading and represented in this sector, and equipped with the skillset and protection measures, the digital space will be the next battleground for gender equality. In this regard, the Women Peace and Security agenda offers a comprehensive framework to assist Member States to unleash the potential of new technology and the digital space to create more inclusive and peaceful societies.

                    Norul Mohamed Rashid


The training aimed to equip participants with essential tools and knowledge to navigate digital challenges effectively and utilize technology for peace-building endeavors. This initiative received crucial support from the Government of Australia under the Cyber and Critical Tech Cooperation Program.

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