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Press Release

Kaveh Madani Named as Next Director of UNU-INWEH

Prof. Kaveh Madani of Iran has been appointed as the next Director of the UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health.

17 Aug 2022

Press Release

UN and Partners Detail the Abundance and Promise of Diverse “Unconventional” Water Resources

Potential unconventional water supplies can help many of the world population who face water shortages.

26 May 2022

Press Release

500 Million People Live in 19 African Nations Deemed Water-insecure

A new report published by UNU-INWEH on the eve of World Water Day 2022 employs 10 indicators to quantify water security in Africa’s 54 countries.

21 Mar 2022

Press Release

UNU-INWEH's World Flood Mapping Tool is One of 2021’s '100 Greatest Innovations'

Popular Science named UN University’s online tool that generates street-level maps of floods worldwide as one of the 100 greatest innovations of 2021.

30 Nov 2021

Press Release

New UN Tool Maps Floods Since 1985

United Nations University-led experts have debuted a new tool that generates instant, accurate street-level resolution maps of floods worldwide.

01 Oct 2021

Press Release

Ageing Dams Pose Growing Threat

By 2050, most people on Earth will live downstream of tens of thousands of large dams already operating at or beyond their design life.

22 Jan 2021