SCIENCE TALKS: Sustainable Development Goal 6 - Policy Support System (SDG-PSS)

A national blueprint for water-related sustainable development

- America/Toronto
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Evidence and appropriate data for policymakers and development actors for effective planning and policy implementation to achieve SDG 6 are missing, overlapping, or even fragmented in most countries in the Global South. SDG 6 Policy Support System (SDG-PSS)synthesizes data and information from different sources and translates into a ‘fit-for-policy’ evidence framework. With the SDG-PSS available in six languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and Korean), more than 60 countries are using or consider using the tool. This talk highlights the significance of enabling environments for the achievement of SDG 6 targets at the national level and offers SDG-PSS as an opportunity to develop and implement effective water policies in the SDG era. 


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Manzoor Qadir
Dr. Manzoor Qadir

Deputy Director, UNU-INWEH


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