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Wind turbines — Cover of UNU-IAS Annual Report 2022
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News 09 Dec 2023

Event at COP28 Discusses Leveraging Science & Technology for Climate Action

An event with UNESCO and IPCC explored key priorities and challenges, including the ethics of climate engineering.

News 08 Dec 2023

COP28 Event Shares Best Practices for Climate Change Education

An event at the Thailand Pavilion discussed initiatives from Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand.

Media Coverage 06 Dec 2023

How Simple Changes in Daily Life Can Help the World Achieve Net Zero

Op-ed discusses minimal yet impactful lifestyle changes that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

News 06 Dec 2023

COP28 Event Examines Pathways for Strengthening Paris Agreement Implementation

An event at the Japan Pavilion discussed strategies to address capacity gaps, showcasing UNU-IAS initiatives.

News 06 Dec 2023

Training Tomorrow’s Climate Leaders: A New Postgraduate Specialization from UNU-IAS

A COP28 press conference showcased the new UNU-IAS initiative building technical capacity to implement the Paris Agreement.

Media Coverage 06 Dec 2023

ESD Networks Featured in University World News

Article on rediscovering education for sustainability features the Global RCE Network and ProSPER.Net.

News 04 Dec 2023

Engaging Youth in the Green Economy and Just Transition

A session at the Asia-Pacific Climate Week discussed skills development and job creation for youth to build capacity for a just green transition.

News 04 Dec 2023

Event at COP28 Examines Human Rights Challenges for Climate Migrants & Displaced Individuals

An event at the Thailand Pavilion shared findings from a global study on climate-affected individuals and their right to education.

Media Coverage 04 Dec 2023

Advancing Youth Climate Action from Global to Local Levels

Op-ed discusses how to enhance meaningful youth engagement in climate action at the local, national and global levels.

News 03 Dec 2023

COP28 Event Discusses Just Transition through Climate–SDG Synergies

The event at the SDG Pavilion focused on energy and food systems.