Tsunakan Journal Features Subnational Localisation of the SDGs

UNU-IAS activities were featured in the March 2022 issue of the journal Tsunakan.

In March 2022 the Global Environmental Outreach Centre (GEOC) released a new issue of Tsunakan (Vol. 39), a journal focusing on global partnerships for the environment. GEOC is a joint initiative of UNU-IAS and the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, which supports activities in various social sectors towards sustainability within and beyond Japan.

The “Global View” section of the publication featured an article by Mikoho Sakai (Programme Coordinator, UNU-IAS) outlining recent UNU-IAS research activities, including the report COVID-19 and Progress on Subnational Localisation of the SDGsMayors Academy for Sustainable Urban Development, and a side event at the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 in Glasgow, UK (UNFCCC COP26) on Carbon Neutrality and SDGs.

The full article is available in Japanese.

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