Analysis and Evaluation of the Sustainability and Resilience of Reinforcement Measures with Novel Mineral-bonded Composites

The project entails the analysis and assessment of the sustainability and resilience of new composites and reinforcing systems

Date Published
6 Jul 2020
Expected Start Date
03 Apr 2020
Expected End Date
30 Apr 2024
Project Type
Project Status

The project C2 on Sustainability and resilience is part of the doctoral research group GRK 2250, which comprises of 13 areas of application. The aim of this research training group is to bring substantial improvements in the impact-resistance of existing buildings by applying thin layers of strengthening material. By using innovative mineral-bonded composites, public safety and reliability of infrastructure systems should be significantly enhanced.

Complementarily, C2 entails the analysis and assessment of the sustainability and resilience of new composites and reinforcing systems, in particular in the case of impact loading, which requires the development of a scientific concept which takes into account technical, financial, social and ecological influencing parameters and allows quantitative forecasts and scenarios. 

The framework of project C2/II aims for a holistic sustainability analysis applied to different levels of observation (micro, meso and macro). It analyzes the feasibility and applicability of an assessment encompassing all three pillars (environmental, social and economic) by adapting it to circumstances, such as data availability. 

The overall aim of the project is to develop an assessment concept based on the existing modeling approaches and in close collaboration with colleagues from the engineering disciplines, which already took into account the research and development phase through a sustainability and resilience assessment and results in a stronger and more sustainable composite material.


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