Caitlyn Eberle highlighted as a youth lead by UN’s Envoy on Youth

Caitlyn Eberle from UNU-EHS has been highlighted as a youth lead by UN’s Envoy on Youth.

As part of the International Youth Day campaign currently ongoing and developed by the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Caitlyn Eberle was highlighted as a youth lead on a mission to inform the world about the importance of recognizing the interconnected nature of disasters and the need to address their root causes.

The Envoy works towards advancing youth-related initiatives, advocating for youth inclusion in various aspects of global development and supporting efforts to address challenges faced by young people, such as education, employment, health, and participation in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. It acts as a bridge between young people and the UN leadership, bringing youth perspectives and concerns to the forefront of discussions and policymaking within the UN and its member states. The role of the Envoy is vital in ensuring that the voices and interests of young people are considered in shaping the global agenda and in implementing sustainable development goals.

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