David Bonomo

David Bonomo

Consultant - Climate Risk Management

Master of Science, Integrated Water Resource Management, Cologne Technical University, 2023
Bachelor of Arts, International Studies with MENA Focus, Colorado State University, 2017
United States of America

David is a Climate Risk Management Consultant with the MCII Analytics team. He specializes in Disaster Risk Management systems, climate adaptation and the intersections of natural resource management and post-conflict peacebuilding.

David hails from the mountainous lands of Colorado, USA, bringing with him a passion for preserving the natural world and addressing human and climate issues through holistic solutions. David has a background in water management, data management - such as the CDP database, supporting desk research for circular economy and urban-redensification projects, and field research into Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and peacebuilding efforts in Sudan. This background informs his research interests in rural, participative solutions to disaster mitigation and resilience in arid and hyper-arid lands - among others. Prior to joining UNU, David gained experience working across the globe from the US, to Germany, China, France and Israel/ Palestine. He has worked in a variety of fields including forestry, education, marketing and water management with a range of populations and stakeholders. He holds a Masters in Science in IWRM for the MENA region from Cologne Technical University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado State University where he studied Middle Eastern history, politics, religions, development, Arabic and conflict.

David believes in the shared humanity of cultures, and the epic nature of addressing the social and ecological impacts of climate change generation by generation, country by country, and project by project. When not working, David nerds out with DnD, and galivants to wild places to rock climb and hike.