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Press Release

Trapped Sediment Robbing World’s Large Dams of Vital Water Storage Capacity

The global loss from original dam capacity roughly equals the annual water use of India, China, Indonesia, France and Canada combined.

11 Jan 2023

Press Release

Kaveh Madani Named as Next Director of UNU-INWEH

Prof. Kaveh Madani of Iran has been appointed as the next Director of the UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health.

17 Aug 2022

Press Release

UNU-INWEH's World Flood Mapping Tool is One of 2021’s '100 Greatest Innovations'

Popular Science named UN University’s online tool that generates street-level maps of floods worldwide as one of the 100 greatest innovations of 2021.

30 Nov 2021


How Science Informs Policy: Soil-Water-Climate Nexus

This Nexus Seminar Series event will discuss multifunctional land use as an integrated approach to watershed management.



A McMaster Global Event- Thinking Water: Water Without Borders (WWB) Conference

Thinking Water During Times of Political Instability – The South American Challenge



Accounting Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services Through Land Management for Agri-Food and Forest Systems Resilience.

This project will assess the impact of climate change on ecosystem services in river basins and provide policy recommendations for their management.

17 Feb 2022


Integrating the Resource Nexus in Payments for Watershed Ecosystem Services: Conception and Application

The project aims to define an economically feasible and socially acceptable payments for ecosystem services (PES) scheme to aid watershed management.

22 Nov 2021