Comparative Study on the Digitalisation of Public Service Delivery in the Western Balkans (WB), the Eastern Partnership (EaP) and Beyond

Enhancing digital public service delivery in selected regions by comparing them against EU SDGR standards, focusing on life events like birth and business management.

Date Published
12 Sep 2022
Expected Start Date
12 Sep 2022
Expected End Date
30 Jun 2023
Project Type
Project Status

The Study’s objective is to undertake a comparative study on the digitalisation of specific public services, grouped by life events, in the selected countries compared against requirements and standards set by the EU Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDGR). The aim is to identify and assess how the information, services, and process for two life events (‘birth’ and ‘starting, running and closing a business’) are defined and delivered in the selected countries. This is compared to the EU SDGR requirements and standards to assess the individual preparedness of each life event and for each country.


  • Conduct Desk Research by collecting and analysing existing data on the digitalization of public services related to life events in the selected countries.

  • Perform Online Assessments by evaluating digital platforms and services to understand how they meet the EU SDGR standards.

  • Map User Journeys by tracing and documenting user interactions for life events such as 'birth' and 'starting, running, and closing a business' to identify service delivery gaps.

  • Consult Stakeholders by engaging with key stakeholders in each country to gather insights and feedback on current service delivery models.

  • Conduct a Cross-Country Comparative of digital public service models across the selected countries against EU SDGR benchmarks.

  • Develop Policy Recommendations of strategies to enhance digital service delivery and align closer with EU standards based on the comparative study findings.


Study on the digital public service delivery across Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership countries, and selected EU Member States, evaluating key factors like ICT infrastructure and user experience, with policy recommendations to enhance digital transformation.

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