Headshot, Angharad Smith

Angharad Smith

Programme Officer - Modern Slavery

Master's degree, Slavery and Liberation, The University of Nottingham
Bachelor of Arts, History and Ancient History, The University of Nottingham

Angharad is a Programme Officer for the Modern Slavery Programme at United Nations University Centre for Policy Research.

Prior to joining the Centre, Ms Smith held a research and policy internship at ECPAT International Secretariat in Bangkok, where she conducted secondary research into the sexual exploitation of children. Before her internship, she supervised a team of researchers at the University of Nottingham Rights Lab responsible for delivering data collection on government response to modern slavery for the Walk Free Foundation’s 2019: ‘Measurement, Action and Freedom’ report.

Ms Smith holds a Master’s in Slavery and Liberation from the University of Nottingham, the first Master’s degree of its kind to provide comprehensive training on how best to achieve the liberation and social reintegration of those in slavery. During that time, she also worked as a Research Associate with the Rights lab conducting research into Slavery in Conflict. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in History and Ancient History from the University of Nottingham. Following her studies, she was elected into the role of Student Union President, a position which involved representing student interests and holding both financial and legal responsibility for the Union.

Research Interests

  • Human trafficking
  • Modern Day Slavery
  • Modern Slavery