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Advancing Biotechnology Research

In a world tailored to our biological decisions, our main objective is to train biotechnologists ethically committed to the material and civic advancement of Latin American and Caribbean citizens.

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Next Course: “Training on Molecular, Physical, and Computational Virology”, October 2024

Apply for a scholarship to participate in the course coordinated by Dr. Claudia Ortega and Dr. Sergio Pantano at Institut Pasteur (Montevideo, Uru)

21 May 2024

Blog Post

A molecular look at bees' gut may show the way to stop their decline in Latin America

A survey of colony losses across Latin America gives reasons for alarm, but understanding gut microbiomes presents a way forward.

21 May 2024

Blog Post

State of Climate in LAC presents a challenge for the region's biotechnologists

WMO presented the 2023 State of Climate Report for Latin America and the Caribbean. As temperatures break records, tailored products will be needed.

09 May 2024


Courses and Fellowships

Building strong research networks and biotechnology capacity throughout Latin America and the Caribbean
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Course on neglected diseases UNU BIOLAC

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