Next Course: “Theorical-Practical Course on the Study of Neglected Diseases: Diagnosis, Molecular Epidemiology and Applied Bioinformatics”, March 2024

Apply for a scholarship to participate in the course coordinated by Dr Ingeborg Becker at UNAM.

We are glad to announce the “Theorical-Practical Course on the Study of Neglected Diseases: Diagnosis, Molecular Epidemiology and Applied Bioinformatics” course. This activity is coordinated by Dr Ingeborg Becker, PhD, Medical Faculty of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), from March 4th to 13th, 2024.

This course combines a systematical and integrative approach to update knowledge on diverse neglected tropical diseases such as Chagas, Leishmaniasis, Rickettsiosis, Borreliosis (Lyme and relapsing fever), Bartonellosis, Q fever, Malaria, Teniasis, and Cysticercosis for their study and timely diagnosis, as well as the challenges that each of the diseases represents in Latin America. The course aims to update the student on new diagnostic strategies and their applications, and they will receive lectures on challenges in molecular epidemiology of these diseases. In addition to gaining insights into the increasing problems that these neglected diseases generate for the exposed population in Latin America, causing important public health problems, the student will also receive classes on easily accessible bioinformatics tools for analyzing the pathologies of interest.

The course will be held with in-class presentations and a few online interventions by renowned researchers from Mexico and various Latin American countries, all experts on neglected tropical diseases. The student will have the opportunity to discuss topics of interest with the experts in the different fields of knowledge and with other young researchers. This will help generate academic links, solve doubts, and share knowledge. In addition to the theoretical classes, the course includes practical classes where the student will learn updated diagnostic and bioinformatic methodologies and their application, as well as an introduction to recognizing vectors responsible for the transmission of the main diseases, which will strengthen their academic and professional training. At the end of the course, the student will have gained updated knowledge on the diseases, their diagnosis by conventional and molecular techniques, the ability to perform epidemiological analysis of the diseases, and training on using bioinformatic methodologies for their integrative analysis. At the end of the course, the student will be handed updated literature on the diverse topics of the course.

The main aims of the course are to:

  1. Update the trainees on the molecular diagnosis of various neglected diseases, which is important in public health and epidemiology and bioinformatics tools for analysing the diseases.
  2. Instruct students in new tools for the timely and accurate diagnosis of neglected diseases
  3. Practice recognising the different vectors (sand flies, mosquitoes, ticks, lice, fleas, and kissing bugs).

The open call is open to anyone interested.

Applicants must apply here.

Deadline:  February 12, 2024.

For more information, contact us:

Flyer about the call for applications for a course at UNAM

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