First 2024 Open Call for Applications: Coordinate a Course in Biotechnology

UNU-BIOLAC is accepting applications for the organization of training courses (2025 edition).

UNU-BIOLAC is accepting applications for the organization of training courses (first semester of 2025). Following our mission to build biotechnology capacities within the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, UNU-BIOLAC aims to help prepare and capacitate professionals through high-level training courses. These activities are to be co-funded by UNU-BIOLAC throughout the LAC countries and carried out by highly qualified academics and researchers in the diverse fields of biotechnology.

Applications are sought from biotechnology researchers who combine the highest level of research excellence with a demonstrated passion for delivering social impact from biotechnology. The role to be played by our academic collaborators is of great importance for the UNU-BIOLAC mission. Our goal is to empower and support qualified professionals in implementing live academic activities all over the region and to incorporate them as allies of UNU-BIOLAC, the United Nations University and the United Nations.

This call is open to researchers/academics from Latin America and the Caribbean whose research focus is biotechnology sensu stricto. These must be engaged in active research or pursuit of new research opportunities in, but not limited to, high-throughput and deep sequencing of genomes, metagenomic analysis and the discovery, characterisation and/or expression of new genes and biological functions in homologous or heterologous systems, creation and use of new biomaterials, engineering of genes, genomes, tissues and organs, whole organisms or even complete communities, drug discovery, vaccine development, omics technologies, fight against disease in plants and animals (including humans), etc.

For 2025, UNU-BIOLAC is encouraging scientists to delve into:

  1. the use of biotechnology as a means to solve problems of a scientific nature
  2. the generation of biotechnological solutions/products derived from basic or applied science.


The application deadline is 31 March 2024.

For full details and application requirements, see the UNU-BIOLAC Training Courses page.

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