Water is a core component of sustainable development that inherently links livelihoods, ecosystems, populations, and infrastructure. UNU water-related research addresses the needs of low- and middle-income countries, with a particular focus on policy guidance, natural resources planning, and new technology.

For example, our research on water, sanitation, and hygiene, and on wastewater management and reuse, bridges science, policy, and practice to pair innovative technologies with communities in need.

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Soft power and transboundary water regimes: The case of the proposed inter-basin water transfer between Lake Chad and the Congo River

Soft Power and Transboundary Water Regimes: The Case of the Proposed Inter-Basin Water Transfer between Lake Chad and the Congo River



Side-Event : Global To Local Water Security Assessment: How Do We Measure Up And How Close Are Our Targets Mid-way To Sdg6?

This event summarizes water security status from the global to the local level with a focus on SDG6 metrics and Water Action Decade objectives.



Smart Solutions for Water Resilience: Advancing Circular Transformation and Reuse Strategies in Europe and Japan

The Smart Solutions project provides implementable strategies that increase the acceptance of water reuse practices for local economies and societies.

04 Jan 2024


UN Day “Water is Life” for SDG 6 in Dresden – A review

The event revolved around the theme and focusing on the global objective of ensuring universal access to clean water and adequate sanitation

01 Dec 2023