Water is a core component of sustainable development that inherently links livelihoods, ecosystems, populations, and infrastructure. UNU water-related research addresses the needs of low- and middle-income countries, with a particular focus on policy guidance, natural resources planning, and new technology.

For example, our research on water, sanitation, and hygiene, and on wastewater management and reuse, bridges science, policy, and practice to pair innovative technologies with communities in need.

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Media Coverage

Diplomatic Courier Article Promotes Wastewater Surveillance for Tackling Pandemics

Diplomatic Courier published an article by UNU-IAS expert Sadhana Shrestha focusing on how wastewater surveillance can help fight pandemic.

20 Apr 2022


World Water Forum Session Explores Links Between Water & Migration

UNU-IAS co-organised a session at the 9th World Water Forum on the impact of water deficits on migration and displacement.

14 Apr 2022


World Water Day Webinar Explores Links Between Water, COVID-19 and the SDGs

The event discussed the linkages between water and COVID-19 from multiple perspectives and strategies to achieve SDG 6.

24 Mar 2022


Water, the SDGs, and COVID-19: Challenges & Opportunities for SDG 6

The event will discuss the interplay between water and COVID-19 from multiple perspectives, and share strategies for achieving SDG 6.


Press Release

500 Million People Live in 19 African Nations Deemed Water-insecure

A new report published by UNU-INWEH on the eve of World Water Day 2022 employs 10 indicators to quantify water security in Africa’s 54 countries.

21 Mar 2022


Community-based Activities and Governance for Seascape Restoration

UNU-IAS will host an online symposium on community-based activities and governance for seascape restoration.