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Revving Up Revenue for Development – The Role of Domestic Resource Mobilization

OSLO: The WIDER Development Conference on the role of domestic revenue mobilization in development takes place in during 6-8 September, 2023.



Second UGAMOD Retreat

KAMPALA: UNU-WIDER will host a training event on UGAMOD, the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Uganda, as a five-day research retreat.



SOUTHMOD presentation at the LOTTE-Skatt conference

OSLO: UNU-WIDER Research Associate Jesse Lastunen will give a presentation at the conference, Celebrating tax-benefit modeling: 50 years with LOTTE.



How Can Tax-benefit Systems Support Households Through Crisis?

On 13 December 2022, UNU-WIDER will host a webinar, 'How Can Tax-benefit Systems Support Households Through Crisis?'



Tax Effort Revisited: How Much Tax Can Low-income Countries Expect to Collect?

This will be the first event in the new Think WIDER Webinar Series — New Perspectives on Domestic Revenue Mobilization.



Developing Fiscal States in Africa

On 2 December 2021 UNU-WIDER and the OECD Development Centre will host an online panel discussion on Developing Fiscal States in Africa. 


Press Release

New UN Study Reveals Limited Impact of Tax and Social Protection Policies in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa

Tax and benefit policies provided limited income protection to poorest households and failed to offset the increase in poverty amid COVID-19.

04 Oct 2021


New Release of the Government Revenue Dataset Covers Past 40 years

UNU-WIDER has released an updated version of the Government Revenue Dataset with 40 years of tax and revenue data for 196 countries.

24 Aug 2021


Domestic Revenue Mobilization (DRM)

This project aims to provide insights, tools, and capacity-building to aid policy makers in raising domestic revenue for sustainable public financing.

11 Dec 2019