Enrol Now: SOUTHMOD Online Training Course

This online introductory course is designed to equip students with foundational skills in tax benefit microsimulation models.

UNU-WIDER is inviting enrollment for this open-access course ideal for anyone new to the field of microsimulation or those seeking to refresh their knowledge. The course caters specifically to users of the SOUTHMOD model family, which includes models for countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The course structure includes 10 comprehensive modules featuring video lectures, multiple choice questions and practical modeling exercises. Participants who complete all modules and exercises will receive a SOUTHMOD training certificate. 

The course aims to introduce key concepts of tax-benefit modelling in Global South countries, familiarize participants with the SOUTHMOD project and model bundle, and provide guidance on implementing tax and benefit policies.

Tax benefit microsimulation models are invaluable tools that enable policymakers and researchers to assess the impacts of various policy scenarios on poverty, inequality and government revenue, playing a crucial role in shaping social protection systems and public finance strategies in Global South countries.

For more information on accessing the models or applying for data sets, visit the course materials section.

To participate effectively, you will need to download and use the latest version of the EUROMOD software, freely available online, and DEVMOD—a training model that uses fully synthetic data but resembles existing SOUTHMOD models (see side panel).

Access the course.

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