Sustainable cities and communities

By 2030, 60 per cent of the global population will reside in cities. As dense hubs of global activity, cities present some of the greatest challenges among the Sustainable Development Goals. From housing, public health, and employment, to natural resource consumption and transportation, achieving the SDGs will hinge on urban planning initiated now.

UNU research on sustainable urbanisation seeks to overcome the tendency to treat urban issues (such as governance, water, waste, health, economic development, or vulnerability to natural hazards) as discrete problems and instead find integrated, interdisciplinary solutions.

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Links Between Environment and Health in India

A paper by UNU-IAS expert Christopher Doll explores linkages between climate mitigation and health impacts in two Indian cities.

19 Dec 2016


The Fragile City: The Epicentre of Extreme Vulnerability

Reducing vulnerability and enhancing resiliency for urban populations in fragile cities.

01 Mar 2015


Sustainable Development Goals and Disaster Risk Reduction

The symposium will explore linkages between the SDGs and DRR.



International Satoyama Initiative

The ISI project works to promote the Satoyama Initiative, a global effort to realize societies in harmony with nature.

12 Nov 2013


Operating Unit Ishikawa / Kanazawa (OUIK)

OUIK carries out community-based research on biocultural diversity in Ishikawa looking towards providing a regional model for sustainable development.

19 Nov 2013


Smart Cities for Sustainable Development

Enhance urban sustainability in developing regions by utilizing Smart Cities technology, addressing infrastructure, environmental, and social challenges through research and practical frameworks.

14 Jan 2015


Digital transformation and emerging technologies

This research project aims to explore how emerging technologies can transform the public sector and decision-making, and support sustainable development.

01 Sep 2017


Transforming urban centers into smart cities with emerging technologies

The research project aims to develop a framework for transforming urban centers into smart cities with emerging technologies.

01 Jan 2018


Case Studies development and updating for the India-Korea Smart Cities Knowledge Platform

Enhance India's smart city strategy by integrating case studies and capacity analysis into a knowledge platform for robust city planning.

19 Feb 2018


African Research College on Sustainable Cities

The virtual college supervises and provides grants to PhD students and hosts postdoctoral fellows from Africa.

06 Sep 2016


Social mobility in the global south - concepts, measures, and determinants

This project aims to gather existing knowledge on social mobility in developing countries to develop concepts and methodologies for further research.

07 Jan 2019