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NABATE: Transfer Workshop on sustainable management of end-of-life batteries in South Korea

UNU-FLORES and K-eco share findings on waste battery circulation between Germany and Korea, aiming for an eco-friendly transition to e-mobility.



Migration Seminar – Citizen X: A Transatlantic Ethnography of Undocumented Activism

ONLINE: UNU-MERIT will host a seminar with Dr Thomas Swerts on his forthcoming book “Citizen X: A transatlantic ethnography of undocumented activism”.



Migration Seminar: Frontiers in Climate Change and Migration Research

ONLINE: On 24 May 2023, UNU-MERIT will host a seminar featuring Dr Ricardo Safra de Campos on “Frontiers in Climate Change and Migration Research”.


Side Event

COP26 Side Event: Carbon Neutrality and the SDGs

On 4 November, the UNU-IAS will co-host the event: "Carbon Neutrality and the SDGs" at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, UK.



World Water Week 2018

In 2018, World Water Week will address the theme “Water, ecosystems and human development”.



Impact Assessment of the Tunisian Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Urban Development Program 'PRIQH 2'

This project will provide a socio-economic analysis of the impact of the PRIQH 2 project, which aims to improve the living conditions of urban poor.

09 Jan 2019


Developing the Biodiversity Economy in selected Landscapes in Namibia

The goal of the project is to support research related to biodiversity economy approaches.

11 Jan 2021


Sustainability Assessment for the Resource Nexus - Concepts for Disruptive Innovation: The Case of Construction Materials

The objective of this project is to provide sustainability assessment concepts in the construction sector

15 Jun 2021