Sustainable development depends on a framework of stable, competent, and just institutions that can create sound policies, which serve populations effectively and equally.

UNU research supports the development of institutional and government capacity through technical cooperation, research co-creation, and by building national and international communities of practice in the global South. UNU serves as a convener of collaboration, bringing together educators, government officials, policymakers and civil society to help ensure institutions better understand the issues facing the communities they represent.

In post-conflict settings, UNU experts are illuminating how to overcome the institutional dynamics that develop during violent conflicts, so that state-building and economic development trajectories can be realigned to peace and prosperity.

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Clientelist politics and economic development – theories, perspectives and new directions

This project aims to build and deepen connections between literatures on clientelist politics and economic development

11 Dec 2020


The state and statebuilding in the Global South – international and local interactions

This project focuses on the state and statebuilding in the Global South with attention to the interaction between international and local actors, institutions, and context.

11 Dec 2020


Addressing group-based inequalities

This project aims to study and learn from the policy efforts and experience of countries fighting inequality, with focus to the Global South.

10 Dec 2020


Scaling-up Research and Capacity Building for Improved Development Policy in Mozambique Programme - Phase II

This project aims to support inclusive growth and resilience that substantially improve the living standards of the Mozambican population

27 Apr 2021


Improving China’s institutional capacity towards universal social protection

The project will support and enhance the capacity for the digital transformation of China's social insurance administration

19 Jan 2038


Digital Goverment Assessment Programme, Saudi Arabia.

The project goal is to help the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia improve the online presence and user-friendliness of key government entities

21 Oct 2021


Quantification of water-gender interlinkages for greater inclusivity

This project will provide a numerical assessment of the status of women’s representation in the water sector in individual countries/regions globally

06 Apr 2022