Achieving every Sustainable Development Goal depends on improving the lives of women, girls, men, and boys equally. But achieving gender equality demands urgent action to end harmful practices and violence against women and girls, and to overcome the social, political, educational, and health barriers that deny them equal rights and opportunities. 

UNU’s commitment to gender equality permeates everything we do. Our core gender research focuses on generating knowledge to support development policies that eliminate barriers for women and girls in health, education, employment, and resource access. Our work is giving voice to the unique experiences of women and girls, exposing their neglected rights, and empowering them to be leaders in emerging fields such as science and technology.

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In Conversation With Fran Baum | Gender Activism, Politics, and Intersectionality, in the Era of COVID-19

Exploring Gender Activism & Intersectionality with Fran Baum at UNU-IIGH seminar. Unveiling insights amidst COVID-19 era.



Gender Equality and Climate Action: Lessons From Evidence on SRHR

Lessons from SRHR: Gender Equality & Climate Action Nexus Explored. UNU-IIGH illuminates impactful connections..

21 Jun 2022


Radically Sensible: Feminist Philanthropy in Global Health

Exploring radical feminist philanthropy in global health — insightful analysis and perspectives from UNU-IIGH.

06 Jun 2022


MOOC Incorporating an Intersectional Gender Perspective in Implementation Research

Unlocking Gender-Powered Implementation Research: Explore a new MOOC by UNU-IIGH. Intersectional insights for transformative change.

26 May 2022


Equal Rights — Unless You Are Pregnant

Delving into pregnancy discrimination, UNU-IIGH examines challenges and calls for equity.

25 May 2022


In Conversation With Simone Diniz | Gender violence in Health Institutions as a Global Health Issue

Simone Diniz discusses global gender violence in health institutions at UNU-IIGH seminar. Critical insights on a pressing issue.



BFM Health & Living: Gender & Immunisation with Nina Schwalbe

BFM Health & Living: Gender & Immunisation



Postdoctoral Fellowship Information Session

Explore Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities: Join UNU-IIGH's information session. Shape your research journey.



Vaccines to Vaccinations: Gender in Promoting Immunisation

Exploring gender influence on immunization promotion: insights into equitable health Interventions by UNU-IIGH.

17 May 2022