Achieving every Sustainable Development Goal depends on improving the lives of women, girls, men, and boys equally. But achieving gender equality demands urgent action to end harmful practices and violence against women and girls, and to overcome the social, political, educational, and health barriers that deny them equal rights and opportunities. 

UNU’s commitment to gender equality permeates everything we do. Our core gender research focuses on generating knowledge to support development policies that eliminate barriers for women and girls in health, education, employment, and resource access. Our work is giving voice to the unique experiences of women and girls, exposing their neglected rights, and empowering them to be leaders in emerging fields such as science and technology.

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The Personal is Political: Re-imagining Data Governance in the Context of Digital Health

On 8 March, UNU-IIGH will organise a webinar focusing on data governance and sexual and reproductive health.


Blog Post

Developing inclusive AI policy in Southeast Asia

UNU Macau investigated gaps and opportunities in gender and other societal biases of AI in Southeast Asia to inform future policy development.

02 Feb 2023

Conversation Series

“Fair or Foul? Higher Education in Japan”, a Conversation with Prof. Paul Snowden

On 25 January 2023, UNU will host a conversation with Prof. Paul Snowden, former Vice-President of Kyorin University, Tokyo.



Ending Gender-based Violence and Achieving the SDGs

UNDP has partnered with UNU-IIGH on the project Costing and Financing: Ending GBV and Achieving the SDGs.



Ending GBV and Achieving the SDGs’: Taking Stock of Lessons Learned From Local Responses to GBV

‘Ending GBV and Achieving the SDGs’: taking stock of lessons learned from local responses to GBV; UNDP, UNU-IIGH, Gender and Health Hub; SVRI Forum 20



Event : Women And Water: On The Frontline Of Climate Change

Women confront the impacts of climate change every day yet lack decision-making power to influence climate finance commitments to water security.