The notion of consent in the UN Treaty Bodies’ general comments and jurisprudence

UNU-IIGH, ICJ & HRP explore consent in sexual conduct and healthcare through human rights standards

UNU-IIGH, in collaboration with ICJ and HRP, unveils a comprehensive examination of consent within sexual conduct and access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, goods, and services (SRHCGSs). Drawing from UN human rights Treaty Bodies' jurisprudence and General Comments/Recommendations, the paper delves into the complexities of ensuring individuals' autonomous decision-making rights. Despite limitations in updated research findings post-March 2019, the study identifies universal human rights standards crucial for evidencing consent in various contexts. It clarifies distinctions between consent in sexual conduct and informed consent in SRHCGSs, both rooted in the right to autonomy and bodily control. Through meticulous analysis, the publication addresses gaps and ambiguities surrounding consent, aiming to enhance conceptual clarity and promote equitable access to SRHCGSs. The paper underscores the importance of informed decision-making and paves the way for future advancements in human rights discourse and healthcare provision.  

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