WEBINAR: Gendered Workplace Violence in the PHC Workforce Part 1 - Policy Frameworks for Action

The webinar was the first session of our two-part webinar series on gendered workplace violence in the Primary Health Care workforce.

- Asia/Kuala Lumpur
Open to public

Violence against health workers, especially women, is a growing concern yet remains largely overlooked. Estimates suggest that close to 40% of health workers especially women, face physical violence and many more are subjected to or threatened with verbal aggression.

The overarching aim of our webinar series is to understand the gendered dimensions of workplace violence in the primary healthcare workforce, looking at ways structural gender and power imbalances threaten the safety and well-being of female health workers.

In this first webinar, we focused on policy frameworks for action, specifically discussing:

  • The purpose and content of the Global Health and Care Worker Compact (WHA74.14)
  • Key aspects of ILO Convention 190 (C190) in preventing workplace violence

Join our series as we explore effective policy frameworks and strategies to confront these critical issues.

Webinar Details:

📅 Date: 3 July 2024
🕛 Time: UTC 7 AM | MYT 3 PM
💻 Platform: Online

⏯️ Webinar recording: https://go.unu.edu/wLyvW 


For more information, you can contact UNU-IIGH's Gender Equality and Intersectionality team at: genderhealthhub@unu.edu  



Additional Resources from Our Webinar

For those eager to delve deeper into the topics discussed, we have curated a selection of valuable resources and links shared by our speakers during the webinar. We invite you to explore these materials to gain further insights into the subject matter.

Maren Hopfe 

  1. Violence and harassment in the world of work: A guide on Convention No.190 and Recommendation No. 206: https://c190guide.ilo.org/en/   
  2. Safe and healthy working environments free from violence and harassment (which examines prevention through OSH frameworks): https://www.ilo.org/publications/safe-and-healthy-working-environments-free-violence-and-harassment   
  3. HealthWISE - Work Improvement in Health Services: https://www.ilo.org/resource/training-material/healthwise-work-improvement-health-services  
  4. HealthWISE in Pakistan: https://youtu.be/sCSy-NQ8A6A   
  5. ILO-OECD-WHO Working for Health Programme: https://www.ilo.org/industries-and-sectors/health-services-sector/ilo-oecd-who-working-health-programme-w4h 
  6. Caring for those who care – Guide for the development and implementation of occupational health and safety programmes for health workers: https://www.ilo.org/publications/caring-those-who-care-guide-development-and-implementation-occupational-0   

Avni Amin 

  1. Health sector response to violence against women (VAW): www.vawhealthresponse.org   
  2. Caring for women subjected to violence: a WHO curriculum for training health-care providers, revised edition, 2021: https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240039803  

Catherine Kane 

  1. Global Health and Care Worker Compact (WHA74.14): https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240073852