Economic growth

UNU research provides guidance for navigating the changing geo-economic landscape while more effectively monitoring and evaluating economic progress and its social impacts. Our work in Africa, for example, is helping establish robust information systems to monitor and evaluate economic progress and its social impacts, thereby helping planners to transform skewed development into opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

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African Research College on Sustainable Cities

This project will bring together Pan-African experts, students, and researchers to share knowledge on urbanisation and challenges in African cities.

06 Sep 2016


Women's work - routes to economic and social empowerment

This project aims to shed light on how and why women’s work differs from men’s work in specific contexts, in order to help narrow the gender gap.

10 Jan 2019


GCRF Living Deltas Hub

This project aims to promote understanding of deltaic social-ecological systems and develop solutions to help realise the SDGs in delta contexts.

28 Oct 2019


Stranded Assets and Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development in Africa

This project aims to evaluates the risks African countries face due to fossil fuel asset stranding, to manage risks and maximise opportunities.

09 Dec 2021


Green African Transformation (GREAT) Pathways - Building a partnership for Africa–EU collaboration on low-carbon development (BMZ project)

This project aims to support EU-Africa Summit and discuss the implications and expectations of the EU Green Deal in Africa.

23 Dec 2020


Economic Transformation Database (ETD)

This project aims to provide sectoral data on employment and productivity in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, to facilitate structural change.

09 Dec 2020


Multifunctional Use of Agricultural Landscapes Under Climate Change Conditions

The project aims to develop strategies for a multifunctional rural landscape by considering the characteristics of a pilot area of Tanzania

13 Dec 2020


Phase II of the Southern Africa – Towards inclusive Economic Development (SA-TIED) programme

This project aims to support policy-making for inclusive growth and economic transformation, and bridge the gap between research and policy-making.

08 Mar 2022