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ICEGOV 2023 – 16th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance

BELO HORIZONTE: The 16th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV 2023) will be hosted in Brazil.



Migration Seminar – Citizen X: A Transatlantic Ethnography of Undocumented Activism

ONLINE: UNU-MERIT will host a seminar with Dr Thomas Swerts on his forthcoming book “Citizen X: A transatlantic ethnography of undocumented activism”.



Report Explores Digital Access as a Human Right

UNU-EGOV and the Digital Future Society present their latest joint report examining how universal digital access is a means of achieving SDG 11.

19 May 2023

Media Coverage

UNU-IAS Experts Discuss Urban Biodiversity in Japan Times Article

The article focused on urban greening policies and initiatives to improve the well-being of city residents.

27 Feb 2023

Blog Post

Localising the Sustainable Development Goals in Macao as the Decade of Action Begins

When unprecedented mobilisation, ambition and delivery are needed to achieve the SDGs, UNU Macau opened its doors to the community to raise awareness.

27 Oct 2020


Policy Brief Presents Recommendations on Prolonged Displacement

The brief is based on field research in Fukushima since the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.

13 Mar 2015


Digitally-enabled Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Water Resources Management (DIGIRES)

This project aims to mobilise ICT to promote managed aquifer recharge as a greener, nature-based alternative to traditional water infrastructure.

25 Aug 2020