UNU Macau IIST's Youth, Technology, and Sustainability Training Successfully Completed with Students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

This training spotlighted the convergence of digital technologies and SDGs, showcasing a diverse range of research and insights from students.

The Winter 2024 session of the United Nations Digital Society and Sustainable Development Programme (UNDSDP) at the United Nations University International Institute for Software Technology in Macau (UNU Macau) successfully concluded, drawing participation from budding scholars worldwide. The intensive course aimed to equip students with cutting-edge knowledge of digital technologies' role in advancing the SDGs, featuring a blend of online and in-person engagements.




Over two weeks, the curriculum offered a deep dive into topics such as digital growth, artificial intelligence, and the UN's SDGs. Participants engaged in lectures and hands-on workshops, and developed research proposals addressing real-world challenges. Students’ presentations ranged from examining online sexual harassment's nuances to exploring virtual reality's potential in treating teenage depression, showcasing the innovative spirit of the cohort.




Feedback collected through surveys before and after the training highlighted the program's impact on participants' understanding of complex subjects and their readiness to apply this knowledge in practical settings. The event culminated in an award ceremony recognizing outstanding research proposals, reinforcing the initiative's role in fostering a new generation of leaders equipped to tackle global challenges with digital solutions.




As the trainings at UNU Macau continue to inspire future researchers and policymakers, the focus on applied learning and interdisciplinary collaboration stands as a beacon for sustainable development and technological advancement.