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National Water and Sanitation Program brings better water and sanitation services to rural parts of Azerbaijan


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UN Study Reveals the Hidden Environmental Impacts of Bitcoin: Carbon is Not the Only Harmful By-product

Global Bitcoin mining is highly dependent on fossil fuels, with worrying impacts on water and land in addition to a significant carbon footprint.

24 Oct 2023

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UNU Study Uncovers the Injustice Implications of Aging Levees in the United States

A UNU assessment warns that ethnic minorities and poor communities in the US are unequally exposed to risks of levee failure under climate change.

05 Sep 2023

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UN Water Experts: The World Is Off-track to Meet Its Sustainable Water Goal by 2030

A water security assessment led by UNU water experts found that the majority of the world’s population currently live in water-insecure countries.

23 Mar 2023

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Bottled Water Masks World’s Failure to Supply Safe Water for All

A new report by UNU water experts provides a comprehensive analysis of the rapidly-expanding global bottled water industry.

16 Mar 2023

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Trapped Sediment Robbing World’s Large Dams of Vital Water Storage Capacity

The global loss from original dam capacity roughly equals the annual water use of India, China, Indonesia, France and Canada combined.

11 Jan 2023

Women carrying jugs of water.

Global Water Security 2023 Assessment

Without radical action, water insecurity will continue to affect two-thirds of the world population well beyond the deadline for the SDGs.
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