Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudh

Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudhi

Lead, Water, Energy, Food and Environment (WEFE) Nexus

Prof. Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudhi is a globally recognised researcher, boundary spanner, and science advocate, working on complex water, energy, food, and environmental systems at the interface of science, policy, and society.

He has a commendable track record of scientific leadership, capacity building, and partnership development crucial for realizing the benefits of research, development, and innovation. His objective is to spearhead research and development initiatives that influence policy, promote equality, and drive transformation both in Africa and globally.

As the Lead, Water, Energy, Food, and Environment (WEFE) Nexus at UNU-INWEH, Prof. Mabhaudhi is pivotal in establishing the UNU-INWEH African Academy on Water, Environment, and Health. His role involves creating a consortium of stakeholders and a Community of Practice on integrated water, energy, food, and environment (including biodiversity and planetary health), in the global South. In this role, he will contribute to identifying and liaising with potential collaborators/donors and contribute to activities and potential opportunities that bridge the science-policy-practice gap and improve the global visibility and impact of UNU-INWEH, especially through the UNU-INWEH African Academy on Water, Environment and Health. 

In addition to his role at UNU-INWEH, Prof. Mabhaudhi serves as a Professor of Climate Change, Food Systems, and Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Director of the Institute for Natural Resources (NPC) in South Africa. He has previously held the position of Research Group Leader for Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems at the International Water Management Institute. Prof. Mabhaudhi also plays strategic roles on various advisory committees and panels and is an editor for several high-impact journals.