Water & Resource Management

Developing sustainable approaches to overcome the water crisis, enhance resilience and build circular economies

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Water is at the core of sustainable development, linking livelihoods, health, ecosystems and infrastructure. Ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for all requires a transformation in the way we manage water resources. UNU-IAS is developing sustainable, decentralized approaches to overcome the water crisis, enhance resilience and help build decarbonized, circular economies. Our research contributes to policy dialogue at the global level, including the UN World Water Development Report, as well as regional and local action and development planning. We promote integrated management of water resources at the community level, fostering collaboration between local researchers and practitioners to explore alternative water resources.

Upcoming Events

Side Event -

Enhancing Water Security in Changing Environments: A Perspective on Asian Cities

BALI: This side event of the 10th World Water Forum will discuss water security issues in cities in Asia with an emphasis on SDG 6 metrics.



Side Event Examines Water Security Challenges in Asia

A session at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali shared insights by young researchers and practitioners on improving urban water security.

31 May 2024


Sustainable Water Management through Water Reuse

A workshop in Tokyo discussed wastewater use as a solution to growing water stress, completing joint research by UNU-IAS and UNU-FLORES.

16 Nov 2023


World Water Week Session on Sustainable Urban Water for Health and Well-being

The event highlighted the role of water management in bolstering resilience, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

21 Aug 2023

Water for Sustainable Development Casebook Cover Image

Recognising the Value of Water for Sustainable Development

An analysis of how water use and water quality impact society and the economy in Asia, with guidance to improve economic and environmental policies.
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Water for Circular Societies

This project aims to provide scientific evidence and solutions for the development of sustainable urban water policies in Asia.

13 Jun 2022


Organisational Decision-Making in Water Reuse for Smart Cities (SMART-WaterDomain)

This project aims to provide a systematic framework to facilitate the uptake of wastewater reuse in the industrial/ agricultural sector.

12 May 2022


Potential Impact of Climate Change on Norovirus Incidence and Seasonality: Water Ecology and Human Health

This project examines the possible influence of climate factors on norovirus occurrence in both temperate and tropical countries.

14 Apr 2022