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Leveraging Education & Innovation for a Circular Economy

An article on GlobalDev Blog discusses how education and innovation can support sustainable management of resources.

On 22 May 2024, GlobalDev Blog published an article by Anupam Khajuria (Research Fellow and Academic Associate, UNU-IAS) discussing how education and innovation can advance the transition to a circular economy. 

 The piece argues that while education can play a pivotal role in shaping attitudes and promoting sustainable behavior, technological innovation such as artificial intelligence can help us identify consumption and production areas that need improvement.  


Technological innovation is essential to a circular economy. And education helps us prepare a generation of educated and knowledgeable citizens who can create an eco-friendly future through innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can help identify gaps for improvement and increased efficiency, as well as optimization of supply chains, energy usage and production processes. 

GlobalDev Blog is an online platform aiming to bridge the gap between development research and policy. The piece is available in English, Spanish, and French on the GlobalDev Blog website. 

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