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South Korea Wants the World to Wake Up to the Serious Threats of Cybersecurity

In a new PassBlue UNSCripted Podcast episode, Eduardo Albrecht contextualizes South Korea's increasing focus on cybersecurity.

This month, South Korea plans to address the critical and often misunderstood issue of cybersecurity during its tenure as the rotating president of the United Nations Security Council. 

Eduardo Albrecht, a Senior Fellow at UNU-CPR, highlights in a PassBlue UNSCripted Podcast interview that the timing is crucial as cybersecurity becomes an increasingly used geopolitical tool. Albrecht notes that cyberwarfare is employed by various actors in conflicts to disseminate propaganda and manipulate public opinion, exploiting the extensive digital data that characterizes modern life. This pervasive use of cyber tactics by countries of all sizes is telling, he argues, of the global scale and complexity of the threat.

For more insights, you can read the interview here.

Listen to the podcast episode here.