The Path to 2025: Lessons Learned From Efforts To Combat Child Labour

This virtual panel allowed representatives to exchange lessons learned from their experiences working to combat child labour.

America/New York

During the first week of October, Delta 8.7 published its sixth online Symposium “The Path to 2025: Lessons Learned from Efforts to Combat Child Labour.” Featuring expert practitioner voices in the field, it includes pieces by Claudia Cappa from UNICEF, Dan Karlin from GoodWeave International, Fowzul Insaf Nizam from the International Labour Organization and Oscar Castillo from Campos de Esperanza (World Vision).

This online Symposium culminated in a virtual panel held on 10 November, moderated by Alice Eckstein, where each representative elaborated on lessons learned from their experiences implementing and evaluating programmes and projects to combat child labour in different countries and contexts, including Mexico, India and Sri Lanka. In addition, they offered valuable insights into what their work has shown to be most effective, and outlined persistent challenges, including those that emerged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recording of the event can be accessed here.

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