Book Launch: Palgrave Handbook of South-South Migration and Inequality

UNU-CPR and partners gathered for the Palgrave Handbook book launch event with editors Heaven Crawley and Joseph Teye during Migration Week 2024.

- America/New York

About the event  

This event, co-organized by the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research (UNU-CPR), the Centre for Migration Studies at the University of Ghana, and the Migration for Development and Equality (MIDEQ) Hub, provided an opportunity for UN agencies, governments, academics, international organizations and civil society to hear more about the Palgrave Handbook of South-South Migration and Inequality.

This new publication examines the phenomenon of South-South Migration and its relationship to inequality in the Global South, where at least a third of all international migration takes place.  

The event picked up on key themes discussed in the Handbook and provided an opportunity to understand the relationships between migration, inequality, and development in the context of the Global South. Attendees heard from some of the contributors about their research.  

The event was held as part of the UN Network on Migration’s Migration Week 2024 - a biennial umbrella event hosted by the United Nations Network on Migration that aims to promote dialogue on migration-related issues, under the framework of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM). 

Watch a recording of the event here.


Heaven Crawley UNU-CPR, and MIDEQ Hub, co-editor 


Joseph Kofi Teye, University of Ghana, co-editor 

Kerilyn Schewel, Duke University, co-author (with Alix Debray) of Global Trends in South-South Migration 

Louis Herns Marcelin, University of Miami and INURED, Haiti, co-author (with Toni Cela) of The Making of Migration Trails in the Americas: Ethnographic Network Tracing of Haitians on the Move 

Dereje Feyissa, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, co-author (with Meron Zeleke and Fana Gebresenbet) of Migration as a Collective Project in the Global South: A Case Study from the Ethiopia–South Africa Corridor  

Jixia Lu, China Agricultural University, co-author (with Joseph Kofi Teye and Gordon Crawford) of Inter-regional Migration in the Global South: Chinese Migrants in Ghana

Luisa Feline Freier De Ferrari, Universidad del Pacífico, Peru, and Leon Lucar Oba, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Peru, co-authors (with María Angélica Fernández Bautista) of Inter-regional Migration in the Global South: African Migration to Latin America 

Tebkieta Alexandra Tapsoba, University Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Burkina Faso, co-author (with Edward Asiedu, and Stephen Gelb) of Migrant Resource Flows and Development in the Global South 

Ingrid Boas, Wageningen University, The Netherlands co-author (with Animesh Gautam and Ademola Olayiwola) of Climate Change and Human Mobility in the Global South 

Rey P. Asis and Carlos L. Maningat, Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants, Hong Kong, authors of The “ASEAN Way” in Migration Governance.

About the book 

Edited by Heaven Crawley (UNU-CPR) and Joseph Teye (University of Ghana), the Palgrave Handbook of South-South Migration and Inequality examines the phenomenon of South-South migration and its relationship to inequality in the Global South, where at least a third of all international migration takes place.

Drawing on contributions from nearly 70 leading migration scholars, mainly from the Global South, the Handbook challenges dominant conceptualisations of migration, offering new perspectives and insights that can inform theoretical and policy understandings and unlock migration’s development potential.

The Handbook is divided into four parts, each highlighting often overlooked mobility patterns within and between regions of the Global South, as well as the inequalities faced by those who move. Key cross-cutting themes include gender, race, poverty and income inequality, migration decision making, intermediaries, remittances, technology, climate change, food security and migration governance. It is an indispensable resource on South-South migration and inequality for academics, researchers, postgraduates and development practitioners. 

The Handbook is available open access and can be downloaded for free

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