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Condemning Russian War Crimes in Real Time Can Save Lives

The crucial role of documenting atrocities for both future accountability and immediate conflict mitigation of Russian forces in Ukraine.

Recent developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have spurred allegations of war crimes committed by Russian forces. United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has warned of potential war crimes, citing evidence of indiscriminate attacks and summary executions in Ukrainian towns.

Documenting such atrocities not only for future accountability but also for immediate conflict mitigation is crucial. While the prospect of a war crimes tribunal faces challenges, documentation serves as a tool for negotiation and prevention of further harm. Additionally, despite Russia's historical role in crafting international humanitarian law, its recent actions have raised concerns about compliance.

Public condemnation plays an important role in influencing tactics on the ground and preventing civilian casualties should serve as a measure of victory in the conflict.

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Suggested citation: Gaston Erica., "Condemning Russian War Crimes in Real Time Can Save Lives," UNU-CPR (blog), 2022-04-04, 2024,