Next Course: “Postharvest fungal diseases in fruits: the use of sustainable biocontrol strategies”, August 2024

Apply for a scholarship to participate in the course coordinated by Dr Julian Rafael Dib at Universidad Nacional de Tucumán.

We are glad to announce the “Postharvest fungal diseases in fruits: the use of sustainable biocontrol strategies” course. This activity is coordinated by Dr Julian Rafael Dib, PROIMI-CONICET and Universidad Nacional de Tucumán from August 12th to 16th, 2024.

This course includes the following topics: Fungal postharvest diseases in fruits, their importance and control. Types and control strategies. The problem of chemical control. Need for alternative methodologies and complementary to the use of fungicides. Biological control: definitions and concepts. Microbial agents for biological control: fungi, bacteria and viruses. Trichoderma genus as a potential biocontrol agent. Integrated pest management: pre- and post-harvest methods. Biofertilizers. Use of substances of natural origin for biological control of plant diseases. Ideal features of a biocontrol microbial agent. Isolation and selection of biological control agents: in vitro, in vivo and combined selection. Mechanisms of action of biological control agents. Molecular identification and characterization of biological control agents. Production, formulation and application of biological control agents. Registration of biocontrol agents. Statistical analysis. Successful experiences in the development of biological control methodologies in Latin America. The study of the fruit microbiome: new trends for developing biocontrol agents.

This course is aimed at researchers in the life sciences, including biology, biochemistry, agriculture, biotechnology, and microbiology.

During the course, students will apply different techniques to identify and develop biological control agents against fungal diseases of various crops. Students will search and select possible antagonists, determine the mechanisms of action, and identify and carry out preliminary biocontrol tests. They will also learn about integrated pest management, from the field to the packaging, to achieve sustainable agriculture throughout production. Print material will describe the pathogens to be controlled and the pathogen disease cycles. Each practical class will have an introductory introduction, and students will be given protocols to follow during lab activities. Finally, the students will present the problem situation, the approach and the resolution, and the perspectives of each work.


Application procedure.

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Deadline:  March 31, 2024.

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