Overcoming inequality is at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals. Major progress has been made on poverty reduction, but without a clear baseline regarding the current state of global inequality, policy and action become less effective.

UNU research is building comprehensive databases to inform policymakers and governments of where, why, and to what extent global income inequality exists. The aim is to clarify the social and political dynamics that drive inequality, so that policy and social support systems can respond to chronic and emerging trends.

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Global Cooperation for Climate Action: Southern engagement with Climate Negotiations and Commitments 2020-2023

The project to strengthen the capacity and skills of young climate leaders through a South-South virtual training platform

06 May 2021


Scaling-up Research and Capacity Building for Improved Development Policy in Mozambique Programme - Phase II

This project aims to support inclusive growth and resilience that substantially improve the living standards of the Mozambican population

27 Apr 2021


PROtecting the WELLbeing of MIGRANTS in India during the COVID-19 pandemic (PROWELLMIGRANTS)

The aim of this research is to qualitatively investigate the impact of COVID-19 upon migrants’ wellbeing and mental health in India.

23 Sep 2021


E-Learning: Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change (E-HM3C)

This project involves the development of an interactive e-learning course on Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change.

23 Sep 2021


Phase II of the Southern Africa – Towards inclusive Economic Development (SA-TIED) programme

This project aims to support policy-making for inclusive growth and economic transformation, and bridge the gap between research and policy-making.

08 Mar 2022


Information and data services and technology for sustainable water management

This project aims to develop and promote tools and services to provide the data and information needed for strategic water planning and management.

04 Aug 2020


Quantification of water-gender interlinkages for greater inclusivity

This project will provide a numerical assessment of the status of women’s representation in the water sector in individual countries/regions globally

06 Apr 2022


Scoping and recommendations related to gender language, and documenting good practice in engaging civil society

This project will contribute to WHO's work to address health inequities and strengthen the capacity of health experts in delivering on global health.

17 Sep 2022