Health and well-being

Access to good health and well-being is a human right and the foundation of human prosperity. Although significant progress has been made in improving the health of billions of people since 2000, major hurdles remain — particularly in developing countries, where women and children are most vulnerable. 

UNU’s health-related research untangles the growing social, economic, and environmental complexity that threatens to outpace the ability of governments and communities to manage the well-being of their citizens. Our work assesses key elements of healthy development to ensure they are reinforced by health policy.

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Evidence, Policy and Interventions for Covid-19 Tracker

This project aims to provide an inventory of public health, economic, social, and community measures taken to respond to COVID-19 in all countries.

26 Apr 2020


Emergency preparedness planning for water supply and sanitation in health care facilities - organisational and technical solution strategies to increase resilience (NOWATER)

This project aims to deepen understanding of the factors that promote or hinder the continued operation of health and care facilities during crises.

18 May 2020


Malaysian Audit of GBV Response, commissioned by UNFPA

This project aims to assess gender-based violence responses by healthcare services in Malaysia, to inform recommendations for improvement.

03 Dec 2020


Sustainability of Wastewater Management: A Socio-Ecological System (SES) Approach for Textile Industry in Bangladesh

The project will address the challenges of wastewater management in the textile industry.

14 Dec 2020


Developing tools to reduce the risks of WASH-related diseases and water pollution

This project aims to develop tools to reduce the negative impacts of WASH-related diseases and water pollution, especially among vulnerable groups.

05 Aug 2020


Decolonising Global Health

Shifting Power, Resisting Exploitation, and Advancing Equity in Global Health

03 Feb 2022


Understanding Systemic and Cascading Risks: Learnings From COVID-19 (CARICO)

This project aims to develop a conceptual model that supports the analysis of systemic and cascading risks.

01 Mar 2021


Improving China’s institutional capacity towards universal social protection

The project will support and enhance the capacity for the digital transformation of China's social insurance administration

01 Jun 2021


PROtecting the WELLbeing of MIGRANTS in India during the COVID-19 pandemic (PROWELLMIGRANTS)

The aim of this research is to qualitatively investigate the impact of COVID-19 upon migrants’ wellbeing and mental health in India.

23 Sep 2021


Update of WHO Gender Mainstreaming Manual

This project will oversee the updating of a key handbook on gender for health workers, promoting non-binary concepts and intersectionality.

25 May 2022


Scoping and recommendations related to gender language, and documenting good practice in engaging civil society

This project will contribute to WHO's work to address health inequities and strengthen the capacity of health experts in delivering on global health.

17 Sep 2022