The Challenge of Economic Inclusion in South Africa

Brian Levy and Alan Hirsch will discuss their recent research on strong institutions and inequality in South Africa.

- Europe/Helsinki

Why is "good governance" not enough? How can South Africa meet the challenge of economic inclusion?

For the first 15 years after its transition to democracy, South Africa enjoyed a season of hope. But unresolved, deeply-rooted inequalities have festered beneath the surface, and continuing contestation for "insider status" among emerging elites, a missing ladder of opportunity for the poor, compounded by weak growth have made it difficult for non-elites to climb out of poverty. This has led to ongoing institutional corrosion, and a broader turn from hope to despair across society.

Since becoming president in 2018, Cyril Ramaphosa has determinedly, and quite successfully, worked to restore rule-based governance. However, there has been little effort to shift the country onto a more inclusive development path. In this seminar, Brian Levy (Johns Hopkins University) and Alan Hirsch (University of Cape Town) will explore why this has been the case, and what can be done to move South Africa onto a more inclusive trajectory.

For more information or to register your attendance, see the event announcement on the UNU-WIDER website.

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