Working Paper

Why We Need an International Decade for Data

A call to action to set a transformative agenda and responsibly unlock the value of data for all.

Date Published
8 Nov 2023
Lorrayne Porciuncula

As the world hurtles forward in the digital age, data is setting the pace of innovation, driving economies, catalyzing research, and shaping societies. Its influence is ubiquitous, offering both unprecedented opportunities and formidable challenges. Yet, as we navigate the dynamic terrain of data governance, the ongoing discourse has largely fixated on individual privacy and economic gains. This narrow perspective fails to capture the diverse dimensions of data's potential. It's time for a transformative shift, a rallying cry that transcends these constraints with agility and embraces a holistic vision of data governance.

The UN could have a role to play by calling for an International Decade that responsibly unlocks the value of data for all. This Working Paper makes the case for an ‘International Decade for Data,’ a potentially powerful international tool to help the UN and its Member States navigate through the data-driven landscape.

The call for an International Decade for Data, the Paper argues, should be seen as a resounding call to action for global leaders to set a transformative agenda; an agenda that acknowledges the interconnected nature of data's potential and underscores the collective responsibility to wield it conscientiously.

Access ‘Why We Need an International Decade for Data’ here.

Suggested citation: Lorrayne Porciuncula. Why We Need an International Decade for Data : UNU-CPR, 2023.