Working Paper

Data Governance and Public-Private Partnership Data Sharing Models

Examples from Vienna within the Austrian and European Context.

Date Published
7 Nov 2023
Wolfgang Hassler Brigitte Lutz Alexandra Prinz Eva Seibold Michael Stampfer Petra Steinkogler Michael Strassnig Petra Tschöll

This working paper highlights aspects of policymaking and implementation in the field of data governance at the European Union level, as well as on the national Austrian and federal Viennese level, including examples from public-private data-sharing models.

Since 2020, regulatory frameworks on the European level determine many national and local approaches to data governance, data sharing, and the relationship between public and private actors. The working paper therefore places a special emphasis on EU regulatory approaches.

These supranational regulatory frameworks put Europe on a different trajectory than other continents and it turns the discourse in Europe from a mainly defensive one (GDPR; cautious approaches in data use) to a regulated space of active use and sharing of public and private data.

Access ‘Data Governance and Public-Private Partnership Data Sharing Models’ here.

Suggested citation: Wolfgang Hassler, Brigitte Lutz, Alexandra Prinz, Eva Seibold, Michael Stampfer, Petra Steinkogler, Michael Strassnig and Petra Tschöll. Data Governance and Public-Private Partnership Data Sharing Models : UNU-CPR, 2023.

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