African Research College on Sustainable Cities

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    Ngozi Stewart

    African cities are increasingly facing challenges arising from rapid urbanization, climate change, terrorism and increased risks from natural hazards. Consequently, it has become imperative for the next generation of African researchers to be armed with training (knowledge) to develop effective strategies to foster more resilient cities in Africa.

    One effective way of achieving the training is to establish a Pan African Research College. Thus, the project is a Research College on cities – a partnership of five to seven higher education and research institutions, including Medical Research Councils (MRCs) in some African countries, which have the capacity to supervise and grant PhDs and host post doctoral fellows. The college will be a virtual one, built around joint workshops and structured forms of inter-institutional mobility for doctoral students and post doctoral fellows. The Pan African African Research College on Cities will strategically build on existing networks while forging something new beyond what presently exists in that this will be an opportunity to build a collective and continental initiative to doctoral and post doctoral urban training.

    • Ngozi Stewart Ngozi Stewart Research Fellow, Environmental Policy
      Project Manager