SCIENCE TALK: Environmental Predictions for Water Sustainability

The development of next-generation solutions to predict water futures

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Predicting threats to water futures requires comprehensive models that synthesize our understanding of interactions between the natural and anthropogenic world. Key challenges include quantifying sustainable water supplies (e.g., quantifying the availability and quality of water in the face of changes in climate and changes in land and resource use); predicting water-related hazards (e.g., predicting harmful algal blooms in popular tourist destinations); and understanding the role of water in the Earth System (e.g., understanding the impact of nature-based solutions on the terrestrial carbon sink). The challenge of predicting sustainable water futures exceeds the capability of entire modeling groups, entire agencies, and in many cases, entire nations.

In this talk, Professor Martyn CLARK describes the development of next-generation solutions to predict water futures. The approach is to unify state-of-the-art modelling capabilities into modular and interoperable software that can be used and extended by modelling groups worldwide. These developments can provide the computational infrastructure for research and operational groups to contribute their unique data, information, and knowledge to a community modelling ecosystem. The intended outcome is to revolutionize capabilities for practitioners or groups worldwide to provide the predictive information that supports mitigating and managing critical water crises.


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Prof. Martyn Clark

Executive Co-Director

The UNU Hub at the University of Calgary.