A McMaster Global Event- Thinking Water: Water Without Borders (WWB) Conference

Thinking Water During Times of Political Instability – The South American Challenge

- America/Tortola

5:30 PM: Welcome and Opening Remarks: Prof Nancy Doubleday and Dr Nidhi Nagabhatla (Directors, Water Without Borders Program)

Opening Keynote:

Thinking Water During Times of Political Instability – The South American Challenge:
Mr. Jorge H. Sanchez Perez, Philosophy Department and Peace Studies Program, School of Humanities, Department of Philosophy, McMaster University Hamilton, ON, Canada

Emerging WWB scholars – McMaster and UNU-INWEH Water Without Borders Program

Panel 1: Water, Gender and Human Development (WWB 2020)

  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Challenges faced by Women (Diana Lu, Samar Mashadi, Evelyne Onari* & Whitley Schamber)
  • Evaluating sustainable interventions to reduce gender disparities promoted by WASH related inequities in low-and middle-income countries (Abeer Wasim*, Ambareen-Rose* and Courtney)
  • Menstrual WASH Needs (Brenna Friesen, Magnolia Hamzeloee & Megan Devoe*)
  • Examining the intersection of Water Policy and Women’s Achievement through Qualitative Analysis (Charlynn Jelier *and Corey McKibbin)
  • WASH and Neonatal Health (Emily Bagley, Anisha Rao, Alison Tidmarsh, and Sarah Twomey*)

Intermission: 10 minutes

Panel 2: Water, Ecosystems and Sustainable Development (WWB 2020)

  • Efficient Water Practices Enabling Sustainable Wheat Agriculture in Ethiopia (Julia Gordon, Sophie Nasato, *Michelle Ragany & Dan Zhao)
  • Co-creation And Inclusive Decision-making For Improving First Nations Water Security (Anthony Quarshie, Chitmandeep Josan*& Fernando Rangel Lennertz)
  • Nature-based Solution for Water Quality and Stormwater Overflow Management – Cootes Paradise River, Canada (Negin Balaghi-Ficzkowski*, Suad Abukamla*, Shemar Williams, Han Bao, &George Vaidyan)
  • Social determinants of water accessibility: international health and policy implications (Adam Clasky, Alicia Liu, Maraam Haque*, Ritika Arora*
  • Don’t Waste the Wastewater: Drugs, Water-based Epidemiology, and Sustainable Development Goals”(Akorede Adekoya, Anika Kuhnert*, and Liz Outhit*)


Concluding Keynote: Reciprocity and China’s Transboundary Waters: The Law of International Watercourses”

Dr. David J Devlaeminck, School of Law, Chongqing University, China

Moderated discussion by WWB leadership and close of event

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