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How the Bottled Water Industry is Masking the Global Water Crisis

A UNU study of 109 countries concluded that growth of the bottled water industry is hindering efforts to provide reliable drinking water for all.

04 Apr 2023


Accelerating Post-pandemic SDG 6 Achievements on Water and Sanitation

Policymakers must prioritise critical SDG 6 targets in a post-pandemic context and harness the potential of SDG interlinkages in implementation plans.

01 Nov 2022


Pakistan’s Climate Catastrophe: Lessons for the World

To prevent global disasters due to extreme weather events, developed countries must act now to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

15 Sep 2022


Where to Find More Water? Eight Unconventional Resources to Tap

As climate change worsens, conventional water sources are not enough to meet growing freshwater demand in water-scarce areas.

08 Jun 2022


Worrying Insights from the UN’s First-ever Assessment of Water Security in Africa

Dozens of African countries have made gains in water security over the past three to five years, but nearly half have made no progress.

07 Apr 2022


Gender Blind Spots in the Water Sector

The realisation of gender equality is essential if the water sector is to contribute to the achievement of SDGs 1, 5, 6, and 10.

08 Mar 2022


Protecting Environmental Water from Antimicrobial Resistance

Improving antimicrobial resistance-related water quality standards will be essential to protecting the health of half a billion people worldwide.

26 Jan 2022


New Tools to Map Flood Risk Will Help Bring Disaster Planning Up to Date

A new flood mapping tool and forthcoming artificial intelligence-driven models will generate current and future flood risk maps.

07 Dec 2021


Data Drought in the Global South

The Global South is in need of developing the ability to generate quality and actionable data to overcome development challenges.

08 Nov 2021


Where on Earth is a Water-secure World?

Water security standards must be more clearly defined and quantified, and need to relate directly to the number, type, and scale of problems.

27 Oct 2021


Needed in the Global South: Wastewater Collection for COVID-19 Detection

Monitoring wastewater for COVID-19 provides real-time insight into viral spread, enabling timely preventative and coping measures.

05 Oct 2021


Water Scarcity: Coming Soon

An urgent paradigm shift of water management and use is needed to ensure global taps don't run dry sooner than we expect.

05 Aug 2021