Susan Elliot

Susan Elliott

Adjunct Professor, Environment and Health


Susan Elliott is a health geographer whose primary area of research focuses on relationships between environment and health, broadly defined.

Dr Elliott holds a PhD in medical geography and is a professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo and the Head of Geographies of Health in Place (GoHelP) lab. Her current research activities focus on three broad themes that relate health with built, socially constructed environment and physical environment. Susan’s research is characterized by a strong commitment to science-policy bridging. Dr Elliott is currently leading two large-scale research projects: i) Development of Canadian Food Allergy Strategy (CanFAST; linked to her leadership role in AllerGen, the National Centre of Excellence focused on gene-environment interactions as they affect allergic disease); and ii) Global Index of Wellbeing (GLOWING) -linked to the Canadian Index of Wellbeing. She published extensively in a range of health-related areas including the psychosocial impacts of environmental exposures, the geographies of health promotion, and individual and community level impacts of a range of environmental exposures. At UNU-INWEH she contributes to Water Without Borders programme and work on water-related health risks.