International Women’s Day Webinar: Investing in Women to Advance Gender Equality in the Era of Polycrises

Navigating the 'polycrisis': Join us as experts discuss gender-inclusive solutions, resilience, and global solidarity for a sustainable future.

- Asia/Kuala Lumpur
Open to public

The world is in a state of ‘polycrisis,’ where multiple economic, environmental, social, and political shocks have converged – driving and deepening existing inequalities in gender and health. Simultaneously, evidence suggests that there has been a backslide in democracy worldwide related to growing pushbacks against gender equality and human rights. The situation demands new and innovative policy approaches and collective action to global development and solidarity-building. This includes critically questioning and examining the ways in which responses to current crises support gender dimensions of recovery and build resilience against future shocks, and how preparedness plans must center intersectionality and gender equality considerations in priorities, investments, and decisions. In this session we convene a space for dialogue with actors from different sectors, bringing together a spectrum of perspectives, experiences, and expertise to break down silos and foster pathways to develop inclusive and innovative solutions.